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Ahi – Taksim Trio

29. September 8:00 pm

Multicultural, musically skilled and extremely entertaining, the three virtuosi of the Taksim Trio from Istanbul are superstars in their homeland – and soon to achieve cult status here. Hüsnü Şenlendirici on clarinet and duduk, İsmail Tunçbilek on an electrically amplified bağlama, an instrument belonging to the saz family of long-necked lutes, and Aytaç Doğan on the Turkish zither mix Anatolian folk music with oriental pop, adding a portion of jazz and a touch of classical. This is how traditional music is re-animated to make sparks fly!

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29. September 8:00 pm
80 minutes, no intermission
German premiere
Festival Marquee
Burgplatz, 40213 Düsseldorf + Google Map
+49 211 82 82 66 0