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Mare Nostrum – Trio Sospirata & A Cumpagnia

24. September 8:00 am


Mare Nostrum – our ocean? In a time when the Mediterranean, a death trap for thousands of refugees, divides rather than connects, becoming more and more a symbol for fateful clashes of cultures seemingly far removed from one another, the musician and composer Nicolao Valiensi desires to make uncharted terrains and new shores accessible. His trio Sospirata, meets the Corsican group A Cumpagnia and blends tradition with the improvisation of the Tuscan Garfagnana along with the distinctive musical inheritance of an island on the southern edge of Europe.

With kind support from the Neander Church

Trio Sospirata
Fausto Beccalossi, Accordeon
Carlo Rizzo, Polytonal tambourine, framedrums
Nicolao Valiensi, Euphonium Sax Horn
A Cumpagnia
Jérôme Casalonga, Vocals, clarinet
Laurent Barbolosi, Vocals, violin, acoustic guitar
Jean-Etienne Langianni, Vocals
Jean-Pierre Lanfranchi, Vocals
24. September 8:00 am - 10:00 am
Neander Church
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