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Orfeo 2.0 a baROCK opera – l’arte del mondo & Pigreco

28. September 8:00 pm

What might Monteverdis ‘Orfeo’ have originally sounded like 400 years ago? Certainly very different from the way we know the opera now because the composer left behind a score that provides little information about instrumentation and performance. Everything else was improvised. Like jazz today… This thought, developed by multi-ingenious harpsichord player of l’arte del mondo, composer Massimiliano Toni, who is together with Werner Ehrhardt musical director, was responsible for the birth of a version of Orfeo using modern jazz and pop rhythms and harmonies, congenially performed by renowned l’arte del mondo and italian rock band Pigreco. A baffling approach, but one that works: because from blues to rock and jazz to post-punk, everything is already there in Monteverdi!

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28. September 8:00 pm
Festival Marquee
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