Videoclip – This is the festival 2019

Welcome to the düsseldorf festival 2019. We are happy to present the first 11 highlights of our upcoming program.

Festival trailer of the highlights 2019

The festival trailer 2019: a foretaste of the düsseldorf festival! 2019, eight minutes full of rhythm, movement, acrobatics and astonishing pictures.

The Festival

The düsseldorf festival is one thing above all: a big celebration! Open to everyone and everything. MUSIC – THEATRE – DANCE – NEW CIRCUS

The Festival Marquee

This is our trademark and our centrepiece: we always know when we set up our tent in the Burgplatz that our audience knows: it’s that time again.

Flashback 2018

22 wonderful, filled, exciting and inspiring festival days are behind us. We would like to thank Lars Klostermann for his beautifully filmed review 2018.