The Team

Since the founding of the festival in 1991, the two artistic directors Christiane Oxenfort and Andreas Dahmen have been responsible for the programming and, as managing partners of the non-profit Festival GmbH, for the entire management for more than 20 years. Originally musicians and internationally distinguished with their ViF Flute Quartet, they are committed to experimentation and openness to new trends while maintaining a high artistic standard.

From left to right: Theresa Heußen, Timo Kasper, Raphael Auer, Juliette Eckstein, Armin Leoni, Hans Jürgen Müller, Christiane Oxenfort, Constanze Lorentz, Andreas Dahmen,
in front: Helen Kemmer, Ana Đokić

Together with the Intendanz, there is a team of permanent and freelance staff throughout the year, each of whom is in charge: Assistant to the Artistic Director/Sponsoring (Raphael Auer), Ticketing (Timo Kasper), Press Relations and Marketing (Ana Đokić), Technology (Hans-Jürgen Müller), Production/Organisation (Armin Leoni & Theresa Heussen).
In the "hot phase" of the festival, this staff grows to up to 50: Interns and technical helpers from universities all over Germany and a brigade of volunteers who look after the physical well-being of all participants.