The Ghosts Are Returning

With "The Ghosts Are Returning", the international artists' collective GROUP50:50 recalls the shameful fate of seven pygmy skeletons brought to Geneva by a Swiss doctor in the 1950s. The collective has gone in search of their descendants to the Congo, where the nomadic Mbuti people are being driven out of their habitat. Together with the Mbuti, GROUP50:50 is developing a ritual for the seven spirits - in the hope that this will bring them peace. For with the skeletons, the spirits that were once stolen and locked away also return. The music takes up dirges from classical and traditional Congolese music and deals with the complex polyphonic chants of the Mbuti.

A co-production of PODIUM Esslingen and Düsseldorf Festival!

With the kind support of the niu hotels and the FFT Düsseldorf

Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 1
40210 Düsseldorf