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Outlook highlights 2020

The first is the great young ensemble Shechter II by the famous London choreographer Hofesh Shechter. After their grandiose festival debut with “Show” in 2018, now his probably most famous work “Political Mother” in a co-production with the düsseldorf festival! for the young talents back on stage. This work was Shechter’s international breakthrough 10 years ago. We are looking forward to the German premiere at the festival.

We are looking forward to the wonderful acrobats of the French Company XY from Lille. Their new creation in cooperation with the choreographer Rachid Ouramdan is called “Möbius” and enchants with grandiose acrobatics in poetic garb. The boundaries between dance and circus seem dissolved.

After their great success with Kiss and Cry, Michèle Ann de Mey and Jaco Van Dormael now present the follow-up work to us. In “Cold Blood” they take the audience into a fantastic micro-universe and again shoot a film in front of the audience. Again, fingers are the protagonists in the wonderful miniature decor, the cameras follow them and seven short stories emerge. With one special feature: they all end deadly. “Cold Blood” shows: Death can be absurd, trivial and sometimes funny.

The wonderfully weird artists of the circus group Cirque Alphonse carry us away with “Tabarnak” into a circus mass celebration. With a lot of winking they take fun on some Canadian traditions. Daring acrobatics combined with humour to the driving rhythms of folk rock live music, a great pleasure!

The wonderful vocal ensemble Voces8 returns to the Johanneskirche. They are regarded as one of the best vocal formations in the world and captivate with their stylistic diversity and magical tone. A must for every a cappella fan.

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