Mourad Merzouki & CCN Cie. Käfig
Mourad Merzouki & CCN Cie. Käfig


The Greek god of the mild west winds was the inspiration for the new creation of French choreographer Mourad Merzouki and the dancers of his company Käfig. Bodies emerge from round openings that could be portholes on board a rusty cargo hold, fans move the air and create the breath of Zephyr with which the company enters into dialogue. Armand Amar's soundtrack, drifting like suction, condenses a charged atmosphere that evokes a wide range of associations: from archaic rites to current images of the dangers of the sea for fugitives. Merzouki's movement language is a fascinating dance with and against the wind, moving elegantly between poetic lightness and power, contemporary dance and hip-hop.

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