Faces of Düsseldorf

The strangest experience of the Corona pandemic is probably the disappearance of faces under the masks. The video art projection Faces of Düsseldorf on the Burgplatz is therefore the project of the hour, as it unites and celebrates the many faces of this city. Jan Ising's spectacular video action was first shown in Berlin in 2011, has travelled far and wide since then and is created afresh each time. On a projection surface of 40 square metres, an eight-metre high three-dimensional face is developed, the Universal Face. Known and unknown faces of Düsseldorf merge with each other to form the one face of the city, the sum of us all. The premiere of Faces of Düsseldorf is already on 12 August. 120 Düsseldorfers have already had their faces photographed in the past weeks. In the course of the following weeks and during the festival season, up to 200 more Düsseldorfers are invited to expand Faces of Düsseldorf and to bring their own faces into the project. Further information can be found on site at the Burgplatz, right next to the mask sculpture.

Daily from August 12 - October 4 after dusk on the Burgplatz

admission free


With thekind support of SIGMA System Audio-Visuell GmbH
and Dieter Cronenberg GmbH + Co. KG

40213 Düsseldorf