Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW

  Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW
Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW

Symphonic winds on Kö-Bogen 2

The parallels between architecture and music have been considered since antiquity. Not least Wolfgang von Goethe claimed: "Architecture is frozen music". Kö-Bogen 2 is currently on everyone's lips in Düsseldorf, the green Ingenhoven Valley is fascinating from all perspectives. The building invites you to look at it from all directions and to pause for a moment in order to take in the views and insights. For the first time we invite you to this experience, enhanced by live music. Musicians of the Junge Bläserphilharmonie NRW will play in different ensembles on Kö-Bogen 2 outdoor and indoor with a promenade concert. Little by little the glass rooms of the building will be conquered. The audience can experience the approximately one-hour format according to their own taste: walking, standing, squatting, lying on the grass - just as everyone likes it.

Sponsor: CENTRUM Holding Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

With kind support of Christoph Ingenhoven

Kö-Bogen 2
Schadowstraße 42-52
40212 Düsseldorf