Los Aurora

Los Aurora
Los Aurora
Los Aurora

A not at all secret love connects flamenco with jazz: both musical genres are characterized by vital rhythms and improvisation and are hybrids of many influences. And their origins with the blacks in America and the gitanos in Spain come from disadvantaged minorities in both cases. Flamenco as "Iberian Blues" in its most current form is embodied by the young musicians of the ensemble "Los Aurora", which emerged from the Catalan music academy Taller de Músics in Barcelona. The quartet around the charismatic singer Pere Aurora with the well-known flamenco dancer Jose Manuel Álvarez gives an exciting new interpretation of the classics of flamenco.

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  • Sun 13.09.2020

    08:00 pm

Mitsubishi Electric HALL
Siegburger Str. 15
40591 Düsseldorf