Tabula rasa feat. Urbanatix

  Tabula rasa feat. Urbanatix
Tabula rasa feat. Urbanatix

The isolation of the lockdown also meant that artists could no longer perform. The first, intimate moments of the show Tabula Rasa, created especially for the festival, are reminiscent of this borderline situation, which even condenses into an emphatic signal of hope. Tabula rasa means as much as a blank sheet of paper; four large tables, which are played in ever new formations, are the speaking picture for this deliberately open starting situation. Director Christian Eggert and choreographer Takao Baba stage artists who rise in furious ensemble numbers and celebrate highly dynamic street styles. Ten performers of the spectacular formation Urbanatix will perform to live music, fusing all imaginable varieties of artistry and urban dance into a fast-paced mix.

Produced by Düsseldorf Festival! in coproduction with Urbanatix

Sponsor: Henkel Beauty Care with the label Schwarzkopf (23.9.) B&W Druck und Marketing GmbH (24.9.)
With the kind support of State capital of Düsseldorf and the Hotel Indigo Düsseldorf-Victoriaplatz

Supportet by  the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW 

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