Hygiene & safety concept

Dear guests!

The Düsseldorf Festival will take place in accordance with the current Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of NRW dated 20.08.2021. In principle, the 3G regulation applies to all festival events. Admission to all venues will only be granted to tested, double vaccinated and recovered persons against digital or written proof. 
For fully vaccinated and recovered persons the testing obligation does not apply. Upon admission, they must present a vaccination certificate or a vaccination certificate of a complete vaccination against Covid-19 with an EU-approved vaccine completed at least 14 days ago. 
For those who have recovered, proof of a current, negative antibody test (citizen test) or a positive PCR test is possible if it is at least 28 days and no more than six months old.
Distance rules and mask requirements apply in all performance spaces during the waiting periods for entry and exit.
In our main venue, the theatre marquee on Burgplatz, we have installed UVC air purifiers and a new heating and ventilation system for improved air exchange. 
Due to the lack of ventilation systems, masks are compulsory in all our outdoor venues, even at the seats. Exceptions to this rule are the theatre tent and the basement in the Carsch-Haus. Here masks are compulsory up to the seat. Please wear your mask on the way to the toilet in the queues and in the theatre bar in the theatre tent. For your own safety, we recommend that you wear a mask everywhere.
Admission will take a little longer than usual due to the special hygiene and spacing rules. Admission control will be contactless via hand scanner. Please be there early. 
Please always keep a safe distance from other people, especially in queues and when going to the toilet. Observe the distance markings and the cough and sneeze label as well as all other common hygiene measures. Disinfection dispensers are usually located at the entrance. Seating will be cleaned after each event. 
If you have any symptoms that could indicate infection with the coronavirus (fever, dry cough, tiredness, sore throat and aching limbs, loss of sense of taste or smell), you must not attend the Düsseldorf Festival events.
We recommend that you keep up to date with the latest developments on our homepage.