Since 1991, the two chairpersons, Christiane Oxenfort and Andreas Dahmen, have been responsible as artistic directors of the Festival, as well as being the general managers of the Düsseldorf Festival Ltd, a non-profit organization, in charge of programming and management. Originally musicians, and internationally successful with the ViF Flute Quartet, they represent a love of experimentation and openness to new trends whilst maintaining a high artistic level.
Since its founding, Christiane Oxenfort and Andreas Dahmen have not only been committed to the superior level of the festival, but due to their innovative management skills, they also enjoy a high reputation in the industrial and cultural sectors of the state capital.
Supporting Oxenfort and Dahmen, is a year-round mastermind team of employees and freelancers: assistant to the artistic director / sponsorship (Raphael Auer), ticketing (Timo Kasper), marketing and media relations (Ana Đokić), internet and online communication (Rainer Bartel), technology (Hans-Jürgen Müller), production / organisation (Armin Leoni and Theresa Heussen).
During the final run-up phase of the festival, this team grows to up to 50 employees, interns from universities from all parts of Germany as well as a brigade of volunteers who take care of the welfare of all the participants.